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EasyMed Instruments, Co., Ltd.

EasyMed is the manufacturer of medical instrument of physiotherapy, rehabilitation and healthcare. Actually, we have concentrated on OEM & ODM development over 20 years. We own experienced R&D team, various technologies, technical solutions, comprehensive production lines from injection, bonding, pick and place operation, to assembly. We have developed different kinds of products such as TENS, EMS, Micro current, Interferential current, Bio sensors, Bio feedback technologies, and so on for our customers; for the purposes of treatments of dysmenorrhoea, labor pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, postpartum recovery, joint pain, and other acute and chronic pain, dysphagia, vagal conduction disorder, functional rehabilitation after illness, helping to the prevention of deep venous thrombosis, and for anesthesia muscle relaxation monitor, etc. Furthermore, our company is certified ISO 13485 for medical product provider quality system by TUV Rheinland of Germany, and is also compliant with FDA.21.CFR.820. Our products are registered or certified by the authorities of many countries, such as CFDA of China, CE of Europe, US FDA, Australian TGA and Canada MDSAP certification.

Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • TENS product for pain relief
  • EMS product for muscle spam relaxation and re-educations
  • Pelvic Floor Exerciser
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