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OSS Care Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

OSS Care is a Singaporean company that is also Asia’s leading manufacturer of OEM and private-label for contamination control products used in Cleanrooms, especially in Pharmaceuticals, Life Science, Microelectronics, and other controlled environments. They were first established in 2005 and are based in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and USA.

We manufacture facemasks and goggles for your cleanroom needs. Cleanroom goggles acts as safety precaution to protect the eyes, as well as a contamination control. On top of these, it can help limit some forms of contamination contributed by the cleanroom worker. OSS has a wide range of multiple or single-use cleanroom goggles, both in sterile and non-sterile version.

On the other hand, our Cleanroom Facemasks are an essential part of the contamination protocol in a controlled manufacturing environment. We offer a wide range of cleanroom facemask which comes in either sterile or non-sterile form.

In addition to that, we also manufacture cleanroom wipes, tacky mats/tacky rollers, documentations such as cleanroom notebooks, papers, and sticky notes, and mopping system which includes mop heads, frames, and handles.

As a manufacturer we can customize most products to meet our customer’s unique requirements. We also offer validated sterile wipes, facemasks, coveralls, and gas-filled vials for your needs in aseptic environments.

Key products/services that will be displayed:

  • Cleanroom Tacky Mat
  • Cleanroom Wiper
  • Cleanroom Goggles
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