Welcome Speakers to the APHM Nursing Conference 2021

1) On-boarding & Tech Check for Speakers (same Zoom link)

– 12 or 13 Oct from 2pm – 3pm


– 14 Oct from 8.30 am – 5 pm

Key Info for Speakers

1. How to join the Conference via Zoom

You will receive an email from Zoom directly with your zoom meeting login details. Just click the blue button  “JOIN MEETING” in that email. The link in the email is coded with your own zoom registration identity so please do NOT share this link with others. If you are not able to find the email, please click on your personal link below your image  in this page (scroll down to find your image and click the link to join). OR if you open your downloaded Zoom app directly, you can enter the meeting ID: 870 7740 7802 with password: ANC2021 (only pre-registered attendees are able to enter with these ID/password)

2. Speaker Schedule & Zoom Identification

Please refer to the conference schedule  or (download the brochure) for your session timing and for other sessions. You can join the Conference anytime during the Conference for other sessions too.

For your own speaking session, please be ready in the Zoom 20 mins before your scheduled time. Please send a private text chat in the zoom to  “Support| Samantha” to let us know that you are all ready inside Zoom or Whatsapp +6012-3508668 (Shum) in case we did not manage to identify you. Do rename yourself in the chat with “Speaker|YourName” for easier identification as we may have over 300 attendees in the zoom/ and click “Raise Hand” in the reaction box for us to locate your video and for the Emcee to identify you.

3. Zoom Tech-Check & Speakers Room (in breakout room inside main Zoom)

We will have 2 pre-event Tech-check session for you where you can join us and test your slides and zoom functions and for Speakers briefing. You can choose to attend either on 12/10 (Tues) or 13/10 (Wed) from 2-3pm, using the same Zoom Link as the actual event on 14/10 (Thurs)

If you are not able to join either of the above time, once you come into the conference on 14/10 and if you wish to test your slides/ get our speaker’s briefing, please go into the breakout room (called Speaker’s room) to do your testing. Click “breakout room” at the bottom menu. Let us know when you are entering this breakout room so that we can meet you inside to brief you accordingly.

4. Your slides

You may also wish to send us a copy of your slides in advance in case for some technical reasons you are not able to share screen, we can assist you to share your slides. You can drop your slides into “https://slides.aphmevents.com” or email info@aphmconferences.com with the title “speakers slides”. Please also confirm in the email if you give us consent to allow the delegates access to the slides OR do not consent.

5. Timing Notification & Q&A session (Slido)

We will give you notification (bell sound) when you have 15 mins left for your session and another bell sound at 10 mins before end of session to signal you that it is time for Q&A. The emcee will also prompt you when your session is up. Please note that all Q&A will be held using Slido (which the Emcee will help you to manage and coordinate). You may also use the chat box or allow the delegate to ask questions by raising their hands (in the reaction box), if time permits. However priority will be given to questions posted in SLIDO (by majority votes).

6.  Your Introduction

The Emcee (Pn Azah) will briefly introduce you for your session. Do let us know if you have a preferred introduction that you wish the Emcee to use. If you do, please drop the file into the same link “https://slides.aphmevents.com” or email to us. Please also let us know if you need to do any online activities, eg polling or using breakout rooms during your session. We will need to prepare in advance.

7. Using Zoom guidelines and etiquettes

We have zoom guidelines for those not familiar with using zoom. Please refer to the video http://zoomguide.eventsmastery.com/. PDF version here. We encourage all to mute when not speaking, to show video where possible and to be decently dressed when the video is on. We encourage punctuality and participation from all attendees to make this event a success.

Do ensure sufficient lighting during the session and also close all other applications on your computer to avoid slow bandwidth of your internet. We strongly encourage all to login from your laptop and to also download/update to the latest Zoom version to benefit more effectively from this Zoom LIVE experience.

You can also use the Zoom background provided here

Thank you and we will see you all online. Take care.




Datuk Dr Kuljit Singh

Your session is

09:00AM – 09:15AM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

Matron Devi Saravana Muthu

Your session is

09:15AM – 10:00AM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

Radha Maniam

Your session is

10:00AM – 10:45AM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

Dr Shuba Srinivasan

Your session is

10:45AM – 11:30AM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

Dr Chang Keng Wee

Your session is

11:30AM – 12:15PM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

Raja Eileen Soraya

Your session is

12:15PM – 01:00PM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

Assoc Prof Zahrah Saad

Your session is

02:30PM – 03:15PM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

Dr Suraya Amir Husin

Your session is

03:15PM – 04:00PM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

Sharifah Fadzlin Binyahaya

Your session is

04:00PM – 04:45PM

Click here to enter your own Zoom link

The Countdown Begins!








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